Nat’s Pizza is a family run joint that has been a staple in the Kitsilano area since 1993. As great as longevity is, their branding was in dire needs of an overhaul. Presented here is samples of the new branding, advertisements and digital media. The direction of the brand was to modernize while keeping a home made, friendly feeling. The colour choices are fairly standard for pizza restaurants,  yet slightly altered and modernized with the off white accents. It can also be said that this change refers to pizza dough and sauce, but without being too obvious. The biggest stylistic change was made in the App which is meant to reflect classic taxi driving games, yet holds true to the branding colours. The app is free and people are able to compete and win actual points. The rewards are relatively small but are enough to get people through the doors or on the phone.  As a whole this new branding and marketing plan is tailored for the growing demographic of millennials that Nat’s wishes to attract.