Arts and Crafts, not just for children anymore. Draught Table Brewery was started by a group of artists set on creating a series of beers that draws from their artists inspiration. It has been common practice to mix alcohol and art, whether at an opening, alone in the studio or mixing it up with their contemporaries, artists and art lovers alike tend to living their moods with a few alcoholic beverages. The team at Draught Table Brewery is not different consequently they wanted to design beers that allude to their artistic inspirations. The first series of beers are inspired by the Canadian landscape they hail from. From coast to coast the beauty of this land has inspired artists for generations, and bread a lot of quality beer drinkers. It is important to note that not all of the team members are painters, there are also graphic designers and digital painters. This is how the logo came to be, a simple strong geometric logo with notes of Bauhaus design is based off a pencil and beer mug. The base colour is in reference to raw canvas while the dark colour is one that is regularly used by the artists for under-paintings. Combining those two make the logo appear to be a draft of a painting, appropriately so. The labels combine the blank canvas colour with more complex painted graphics, similar to how paintings hang on walls.