David Kemp is a passionate personal trainer, after years of athletic experience he chose to pursue a career as a kinesiologist. His attitude towards training goes beyond the superficial idea of lifting weights and focuses on the betterment of ones life. Kemp attributes his training philosophy to the knowledge gained from his studies and how own first hand experiences as a high level athlete. Consequently, when designing the brand it was imperative to examine collegiate teams logos. This gives the brand a timeless and established appearance. Kemp’s colour pallet is as classic as serif font the logo is made of, royal blue and gold invoke power and nobility. For a trainer who demands the best of himself and nothing but the best for his clients a regal colour pallet and strong type face felt natural. As for the photography, it was crucial to capture more than his passion and determination, it was important for people to see the pure enjoyment his career brings him.



DK The Trainer

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