The Colourful Faces of Creativity colouring book series provides people with a way to relax  while learning about some of the greatest most influential artists from history. The book was series was created as a result of the growing number of colouring books on the market, few of which ever depicted a human portrait. Similar to previous colouring books, the customer is provided with intricate designs that they can colour in as complex as they desire. Paired with each portrait is a brief write up on the artist, making these books more than just a relaxing escape, but an educational past time. The drawings are complex enough that they are more suited for people older than 12, while the write ups provide a general description that art historians would likely not gain anything from. That being said these books are suited for teenagers and adults who are interested in the arts and find enjoyment in the soothing art of colouring.

Colourful Faces of Creativity